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Think Big

28 Des

Boy and Superman

Software used : Photoshop CS5 and Corel X5

Technique : Vector and digital imaging in photoshop.

Client : Quiver – Yoyok

Purposed : Bulletin’s cover

Ijinkanlah anak Anda berimajinasi sebebas yang dia bisa namun jangan biarkan dia kehilangan nilai-nilai karakternya.



High School Chronicle

8 Feb

“High School Chronicle” by Agus – model : Evania Tjandra

The Year of the Mouse

14 Des

People born in the year of the mouse share some of the characteristics of a mouse. They are optimistic,cheerful, do not fall into low spirits no matter how hard the circumstances,and will fight for their lives. At the same time, they are sensitive like a mouse, and have good intuition and imagination, but they are not good at logically drawing their own conclusions.

Viewed from appearances, people born in the year of the mouse are reticent persons, but actually they are not. They are easily worked up, but they can control their spirits. This character allows them to have lots of friends.

Taken from http://www.chinavoc.com/zodiac/mouse/person.asp

Tabitha in comic art

8 Des

Ini adalah komik yang bergambar anak-anak cinema VITA school. Tabitha, Evania, Shekinah, Evan, Natashia angel, Kenny adalah bintang perannya. Ini dibikin pake photoshop dengan efek Stamp

WL the guitarist

8 Okt

“We El” si jago gitar electric

The big family

8 Okt

Feat : Bill Calvin,Sieny,Tirza Lirungan dan Evelyn

Dibikin pake photoshop dengan brush text dan untuk pewarnaan background memanfaatkan fill gradient

Photoshop effect

19 Sep

I am as T-1000

I am in the sight of Predator

Thermal sight gitu